Monday, September 23, 2013


I saw this message from my niece Karen's FB status...

So fitting for our present situation...

We live life full of joy, laughing out loud, all the excitement, going through our daily routine, making plans, believing nothing will go wrong...

Many times we become proud and feel on top of the world!

Then, reality strikes!!!

We can't leave for a travel abroad...considering the registration was an $800.00 equivalent prize... and everything else will be paid for!

We can't leave for my son's birthday... but happy enough he is away already!

We don't have money (no banks OR no work!)... and no flights!

We can't leave because we feel we are needed here... even if we sense the danger and the fear!

The former three are twists of fate...
The latter is a CHOICE!

Many of us had opportunities pass because of the MNLF Stand-off...
and even, more as Day 16 doesn't seem to be the last day! 

Many of us are now shaken from our comfort zones!

Going on duty for 16 to 24 hours... when the need arises!

Seeing more bloody patients and death in line of duty!

But, we realize others even had more nerve-wracking experiences...

...coming face-to-face with the MNLF while you have 8 children with you as you were evacuating
...seeing armed MNLF men down the road with view of the hostages
...being hostaged!
...listening to eerie silence
...fleeing from their homes 
...walking several kilometers through mangrove areas and muddy fishponds
...crossing one bamboo and a thin rope with a kid on the back, trying to balance so as not to fall in thigh-deep waters
...fear of having houses burned
...and with houses really burned
...injury and death while in the line of fire or even from stray bullets and mortars
...staying in evacuation centers with friends and relatives
...listening to explosions and fire exchange as though it is just behind our back
...listening to hovering choppers
...panicking over inside information
...our friends really and actually leaving because they could not stand the pressure and the terror... for their children... for their elderly parents... and also for themselves!... and I do hope not because of any "inside information!"   
...and the list goes on!!!

Simply put, the bad things in life!

But, everyone is now thinking of ways to help...
Others encourage others to help... in whatever way!
Someone said, if you do not have the money to share, why not donate blood to the Red Cross!

The young kids and the adults, too offer their talent in their own schools, agencies, place of work, community groups and even among friends
...continuing their present work responsibilities against the odds cooking, repacking, distributing goods for the displaced
...and also being part of the Therapeutic shows!
...of just sharing time to those who need them!

We now appreciate more what we have... and what we have taken for granted!

Indeed, "Be thankful to the Bad things in life, for they open your eyes to the Good things you were not paying attention to before!"


  1. very true, don't take anything for granted even how small it is.
    Great post! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Amen to your post. this would give us courage in life! God bless!

  3. To be grateful is certainly important in life. Heart warming post.

  4. I salute you, Ms. Pinay. You are also a picture of resilience, really. Please let us know if there's anything specific we can do to help!

  5. Oh, I hope this problem ends! My prayers go out to you out there. Hang on there.

  6. i remember the news i watched last night. the lady chose not to leave her home and sari sari store, which was actually located at the area where the war was. she was there to help the soldiers, the media, and anyone by preparing food for them, not expecting anything in return. she said God is with her so she'll be safe. she's such a blessing!

  7. i cannot comprehend the point of it all... the fighting doesn't make any sense... i pray for lasting peace in zamboanga and the innocent people who are caught in between...

  8. Praying fro Zamboanga. This too shall pass. Bad happenings are not always bad for it will surely brings the best of us. But I hope peacefulness will be back in Zamboanga soon. I salute you Ms. Pinay for staying in Zambo amidst the crisis.

  9. I am as frustrated as everyone else with what's happening in Zamboanga. And considering PNoy was really there for a week huh?!?

  10. I used to live in a war-torn area in Samar. The rebels would raid our town. The military would our town. What we, civilians, could do was hide and run. It was always us in the middle, the civilians. We were always the victims. When i heard about the fightings in Zamboanga, I felt disheartened. I thought of the innocent lives caught in between, especially the children. I hope it will be over soon.

    Keep safe, you and your family.

  11. We pray for Zamboanga. I hope the crisis will end soon.

  12. i pray that whatever's happening in zamboanga right now will end too. it's not doing both parties any good at all.

  13. It does change our perspective when we are in dire situations...but it also brings out the best in us when we learn and strive to get out of that predicament. It also makes us appreciate the little blessings that come.

  14. I hope you guys are ok! I actually found myself checking your blogs and charm's (promding chamimay) when I saw the zamboanga stand-off. Our prayers are with you, doc, and I hope everything will be resolved

  15. I heard that the evacuees are experiencing more difficulty also because of the rain..:(