Monday, September 23, 2013


When children smile, our hearts melt! 

According to Mother Teresa, PEACE begins with a smile.

Now, during the MNLF stand-off or what we call the Zamboanga City Crisis, a simple smile may not stop the war!

Life is no longer simple now... 
It is so difficult to understand the differences in ideology... which for us, is distorted on their side!
I really cannot fathom their minds!

And I am sure, parents only experience fear when they think of the safety of their precious children!
For ourselves, we feel lucky our kid is already away from Zamboanga.

Now the Zamboanga Crisis has already dragged on to Day 15 and we continue to hear exchange of fires, snipers, mortar hits in residential areas, airstrikes, stray bullets and sirens.

We, then, see that parents want to bring their children away from Zamboanga City.

Children already want to bring their elderly parents to another place.

As we said, a simple smile may not stop the war...
But, I see a smile from the wounded soldier I talked to... so positive that the war will end soon...
Smiles from healthcare workers just after caring for bloody patients...
Smiles from hostages and evacuees, who now have a difficult life... but still can do so!
Smiles from my friends (from all walks of life) who have exerted extra effort to share their time, talent and treasure to the evacuees, the soldiers, the informal sectors!

With these, YES!!! It may not stop the war, but it continues to infect the people around them... for them to continue to HOPE for PEACE!

We continue to pray that Zamboanga City will attain PEACE very soon!

Let PEACE reign in Zamboanga City!!!

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