Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The Chief Executive Officer, the Medical Director and the Human Resource Manager in our institution are given the wonderful opportunity to attend the Hospital Management Asia 2013 in Bangkok!

However, with the ongoing Zamboanga Crisis, the inbound and outbound flights to and from Zamboanga City are cancelled for the past three days and including tomorrow... and indefinitely!

Though, we are so excited about the trip, it seems it really isn't meant to be!

We have been wondering why we couldn't leave... there must be a reason...BUT WHAT?

I thought that today would be a standstill... then, suddenly, we heard firing shots in the Canelar area, which sounded just as if it was at our backs. Interesting, that today is also September 11, better known as 9/11!

This definitely, created panic among the people in the hospital, who dropped down to the floor to take cover and also to the people in the area, who ran and sought temporary refuge in the hospital

A doctor commented: "Now I can absolutely relate to people living in Syria and iraq. Bombs exploding, rapid gunfire and helicopter flying just above us. God have mercy on us...".

Pres. Dr. Joven, CEO Atty. Jhi, CFO Charm, AO Ruby Puzon and HRM Juvee were around to facilitate things, though, I could imagine how hard they tried to keep their cool... and to try to keep the rest of the workforce and patients/relatives from panic!

Now, we understand why we couldn't leave...  we would have felt we abandoned CMZ...and... how heavy our hearts would be with what happened to Ciudad Medical Zamboanga today if we were far away!

 Very soon, it is the Feast of Our Lady of the Pillar, Zamboanga City's patroness...
With her intercession, we know the crisis would end very soon and Zamboanga City will continue to be blessed! 

Let us continue to pray for Zamboanga City!

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