Saturday, September 28, 2013


Today, September 28, 2013, is Day 20 and Palace says "Zamboanga Crisis over".

Then, we still hear some gunfire
... we see fire (the 34th I heard) from afar
... and some injured soldiers!
... So more likely, not yet over!

But, we hear that there are more than a hundred bodies (rebels) found
... and the hostages are all free! (Is this right?)
... And the supposed Jihad never came about (as propagated by text messages)!
... And where did this story come from?

Somewhere along the way, some people are using the MNLF stand-off for their own purpose and want to confuse issues...

We know the end of this atrocity is coming soon
... we are willing to wait
... not willing to negotiate
... with the hope that this disastrous event would never be repeated!!!

Whatever the situation is right now... 

The message throughout Zamboanga City is still LEVANTA ZAMBOANGA... and is a song we hear so often in the air waves!

As said before, Zamboanga will rise again!!!

Levanta Zamboanga!!!

Even, if the "WAR" is not a hundred per cent over (because the clearing operations are not yet through!), we already see traffic coming back and stores opening up!!!

It is the time to start the ball rolling for recovery...
No need to wait for the end...
No need to wait for Malik to be found...

Some negative characteristics are again felt.
A friend said... "akala ko tapos na ang gulo...dahil for two consecutive days iv been dealing with abusive tricycle drivers, normal na ugali na ulit!"

Let us all learn from our misery...

Let it be a reminder for us to do better and to be better!
Let us start with ourselves!!!

Levanta Zamboanga!
Let it start now!!!


  1. Yes LEVANTA ZAMBOANGA! Principya kita otraves! I know the people of Zamboanga will rise again and continue living their lives.

  2. Indeed! I am praying for the continuous peace at Zamboanga.

  3. Continuous peace will soon prevail in Zamboanga and all through out our country. :-)

  4. Praying for peace in our country and yes Zamboanga will rise again. God Bless you all.