Wednesday, November 23, 2016

In "Pinay's Ciudad: GMEA 2016 Mindanao FINALIST

It is always so interesting for me to be experiencing things outside of my original passion which is MEDICINE! 

Thus, being a GMEA 2016 FINALIST for SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN OF THE YEAR as a BLOGGER and part of the TOP THREE and joining this for the first time is (personally) indeed amazing!  
And more amazing since the Winner for the same category, Davao Eagle Online is an internet publication and a community blog!

Congratulations most especially to ULYSSES JOHN ALMOCERA, Finalist for Blogger of the Year, also from Zamboanga City!

I think it is the first time for Zamboanga City to join GMEA and UJ and I are the ONLY finalists from Zamboanga City... and both of us from the Social Media Division.

Being part of the GMEA 2016 shortlist (89 out of 444) is an honor in itself and thus, I would like to congratulate my friends, RG Antonet Go and to the many reporters in E-Media, Rey Bayoging, Gil Climaco, Frederick Atilano, Gino Torres, Jonathan Jalon and Joe Rebollos for their very worthwhile entries!

 It is great to meet other Zamboanga delegates there, with Edgardo Lorenzo Vano (Judge), Jose Maria "Bong" Bue (Screener) and UJ Amocera. Nice to know you, Rod Acuzar..... till we meet again!
Zamboanga Team, Judge Ed Vano, Screener Jose Maria Bue, Finalist UJ Almocera, friends Rod Acuzar and Leizel De Sosa,  together with PR Works, Mafe and Van!

And to PR Works: Doris Mongaya, Mafe Barcelo and Van Minoza, thanks for the invitation to join GMEA 2016 and the coordination and the new friendship!

I had this photo with Globe's SVP for Corporate Communications, Ms. Yoly Crisanta.

And so glad to meet again, Ms. Kiss Basillote Ekong of GLOBE Southern Mindanao! 

Plus the presence of CITO BELTRAN as special guest and keynote speaker with his very inspiring speech!

The GMEA 2016 is dedicated to Ciudad Medical Zamboanga (and the whole CMZ workforce) since this institution has given me so many reasons to share a story, with all the innovative initiatives we have, especially, the CMZ BRA Campaign Project plus the CMZ STEPH and so many other activities! As we continue to serve, there will be more tales to tell.

Attending the GMEA 2016 Awards night is an eye-opener, a venue to meet new friends and a happy learning experience... a look into a different world!

Thanks to Leizel De Sosa for being there and for being my photographer!

Congratulations to all the GLOBE MEDIA EXCELLENCE AWARDS winners from the SHORTLIST to the FINALISTS and to those who bagged the TOP SPOT!

P.S. I never realized how much I love telling stories and writing until 2011 when Charm Dalguntas, CMZ FO and Juvee Calica, CMZ HR​ urged me to start blogging... with all hesitation! Now, the rest is history.

Again, I would like to thank all my teachers in STC Cebu and UP College Cebu for teaching us ENGLISH and communication very well...  it all started there!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


September 18, 2016

You have just turned 20 and you are at such a ripe age for you to decide for yourself what dreams and goals you wish to pursue for yourself! We hope that you do so with the spirit, high energy and enthusiasm of youth, with the wisdom and responsibility that we hope you have learned from your elders, and never to forget the prayers which will guide you and lead you to the right path!
You are indeed so blessed to have so many people who love you and care for you and we do hope you would really value the friendship and love shared to you! Again, we would like to thank all our family and friends those who have touched your life and in one way or another helped you grow to the young man you are now.
There is still a long road ahead... sometimes smooth, sometimes bumpy and with some crossroads along the way. We hope you can go through this journey with diligence, persistence, humility and a good heart. Never give up on your dreams and remember, when things may become difficult, we are just here to do what we can to help you in whatever way you need us!!
Focus, be responsible, be enlightened and learn how to enjoy life while pursuing these dreams. We love you. HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Our Whirls in Ho Chi Minh City 2016

September 2016

We had a super fun experience going round and round along the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (previously known as Saigon) at night!

Saigon was a whole new experience for us with the "millions" of motorbikes speeding by... and with drivers not particularly giving priority to pedestrians. It seemed like they just went ahead acting like we were never around. So, we had to steer away from them, so as not to be hit! I think crossing the streets of Saigon is a great talent in itself!!!

Initially, we said, "We can easily cross the street. We come from Zamboanga City... it couldn't be too different!"

But it was! And that added to the fun in Saigon! 

Here we are... in the middle of a small island in the 6-lane intersection near Alagon Central... in the corner of Saigon Center... in the island as we crossed to Ben Thanh Market... and in the Night Market... as we whirled around to get our video selfies (or groufies!)

Such an exciting adventure for us, just like a superfast merry-go-round! We were laughing and screaming and of course, getting dizzy as we spun around faster and faster!

To top it all, we persuaded the nice lady at the night market, Trang to join in our fun!

Aren't you tempted to do the same!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Happy 83rd birthday, Dr. Generosa Solano!

Happy happy 83rd birthday to my aunt, Dr. Generosa Solano!!!
We are so proud that Auntie Gening (as we lovingly call her!) remains so beautiful and healthy as the years go by! 
with Dermatologist daughter, Dr. Hope Valerie Solano of A Touch of Hope! (Clinic: Cebu Doctors' Hospital MAB2 Third Floor)

Sisters:  Mrs. Yolanda Oporto (88 years old), Mrs. Lucila Ricamora (almost 87 years old), Dr. Generosa Solano (83 years old) and brother, Mr. Flaviano Sanson (78 years old)

Lucille Sanson (in-law), Mrs. Yolanda Oporto (88 years old), Mrs. Lucila Ricamora (almost 87 years old), Dr. Generosa Solano (83 years old) and brother, Mr. Flaviano Sanson (78 years old) with Evelyn Alesna Sanson (in-law)

She is a well-known and respected Pediatrician trained in New York and practicing here in Cebu City, with her main practice in Cebu Doctors' University Hospital! 

Her late husband was Dr. Ramon Solano, a very jolly and well-respected Cardiologist, also with Cebu Doctors' University Hospital.
with the Mancao family and Dr. J. Flordelis
with her Pediatrician  buddies!

Happy birthday greetings from our family!!!
with the Sanson family and Drs. John and Gemma Viola 

with the Solano family

with the Sanson Clan
Birthday greetings, too from your loving kids!
Family shoot from Monching-Gene's Facebook! Raymond with Ashley, Joey and Linda, Susie and Jone, Kim and Hope!

So for Auntie Gening, we continue to pray for overflowing love, good health, safety and joy!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016



And you were willing to give up a trip to Germany, Switzerland and Italy to be with friends right after HIGH SCHOOL graduation! 

A real surprise for me... 

BUT, it also shows us adults that each of us have our idea of what is valuable...

And, I am glad that you value FRIENDSHIP!


When you got your U.S. visa, the consul asked, "What is the "coolest" place you've been to?"

And you answered, "Dubai!"

And I could recall her surprise and her query, "Why?"

And you talked about the desert safari and the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)...

And she said, "Oh, those four wheel things"....

I guess she couldn't imagine that your choice would be a place in the Middle East! 

And so when you were 12, you said, "the U.S. Embassy people were very nice and kind!"