Saturday, September 14, 2013


Healthcare professionals (from nursing and ancillary services) are in a very noble field, however, there are times they are taken for granted and under appreciated by the people they serve.

They are the unsung heroes who share their expertise and care whenever and wherever they are needed.

Many may not even know that they are willing to extend their duty to 16 hours to 24 hours, if the need arises when there is a temporary lack of staff (at certain times) during the Zamboanga City Crisis 2013.

The temporary lack of staff is not because they are afraid to come but because they come from the affected areas! Most of the time, the staffing is still maintained... and for this, we salute them!

Interestingly, even, if they are busy already with their duties, they still give time and talent to look for ways to help in this time of crisis during their off-duty... preparing food and water for the evacuees and soldiers... distributing them... helping out with the Red Cross and in the centers... and finding ways where they can be of service.

I guess, Service and Care are already embedded in their hearts...

But, most of all, we greatly thank our hospital support group, because maintenance, security, supplies, food, janitorial services are all readily available to augment the medical, nursing and ancillary services and they, themselves, are also unsung heroes!
(By the way, the Admin group, have also extended their hours when they are needed!)

And, especially, to the Finance group who really exerted great effort to coordinate with the banks for the payroll to be completed on time. You know you are highly appreciated by your colleagues! 

Everyone is a hero in his or her own way! You may not always be recognized (or think you are not!), but, knowing that you did your share and even more, that is satisfaction enough because you have grown in spirit and in your own person!


  1. San ang lab????? Lab are d unsung heroes in every hospital..

  2. This is for the Lab == Healthcare professionals (nursing and ancillary services)!!!