Thursday, January 24, 2013


Never be in a hurry!

What do I mean?

In life,  people may have so many dreams... to be rich... to be successful... to be famous!

There is no harm to have aspirations like this. 
In fact, we encourage the youth to strive to reach their goals in life!
It gives more meaning for living!

But these material dreams should be the means and NOT the purpose for being!
If you have the money, you may be able to sponsor your own selfless activities.
If you are successful or famous, people might listen more to your advocacies!

So again, what do I mean?

Never be in a hurry to be rich, successful or famous!
Being in a hurry may tempt us to do the shortcuts... 
and compromise our own values!
Being in a hurry may obscure our ideal vision...
and become excited by the glitters of gold!

Being too in a hurry causes turbulence in our lives!

Just strive hard to achieve our dreams...
And savor the fruits of our labor!
It may sometimes be too slow, but at least, it becomes more precious...
Therefore, something we would never take for granted!


Rheinfall, Schauffhausen

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


What is a blogger's worst fear?
I guess it is when our dear computer "crashes"!

I am a person who daily brings my laptop from the house to work to our resthouse and back. 

I usually feel lost without my Mac!

Last Sunday, I accidentally poured water on the bed where my Mac was and I was in shock!

Would my Mac still work?

Well, it is the first time since I opened it  since it got wet and finally, I found out my Mac is still working fine.

"THANK YOU, LORD!" is all I can say!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013


" You can complain because a rose has thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have a rose."

" At every step the child should be allowed to meet the real experience of life; the thorns should never be plucked from his roses."
Ellen Key

" Love Planted a rose,
And the world turned sweet,
Where the wheatfield blows
Love planted a rose.
Up the mill-wheel's prose
Ran a music beat.
Love planted a rose,
And the world turned sweet."

Katharine Lee Bates

I love watching the roses
        of whatever kind or color...
These roses appear wild and free...
I think these are English roses.

I love the smell of the rose...
I even love it when they make it into perfumes.
I always think they are so sweet.

But, they always remind us of  the thorns!
Yes, they are there...
Let us just be careful not to be pricked!

As they say, rejoice the thorn has a rose!
   And don't take away the thorns from the rose...
       just like a child, let them experience life as it is!

Yes, life has its bits of painful experiences,
but the beauty of life is too colossal 
    that this obscures the pains 
         that we may encounter through the years!

Filipinas R.

English roses in the Paris sidewalk
near Novotel Tour d' Eiffel

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Take some time to be silent and repeat the sound of God as an inner mantra. Meditation allows you to make conscious contact with your Source and achieve success in every area. If a problem arises, then go within, get very quiet about it and find the answers inside of you

Wayne Dyer 1940

back view of The Thinker as we passed by the
Musee Rodin In Paris by bus!

Daily, we are overwhelmed by the continuous activities of life...
     the time we have to beat...
     the chores we have to perform...
     the exams we have to take...
     the requirements we have to fulfill...
     the quotas we have to reach...
     the blogs we have to post...
     the reports we have to complete...
     the family we have to care for!

So much work... so much to study...
so much to accomplish!

In our life, we should also take time to STOP and THINK...
    Did I beat time so I would be prepared?
    Did I perform the chores with the purpose
          in mind? ... And did I enjoy it?
    Did I take exams because I wanted to level up?
    Did I fulfill the requirements to be complete?
    Did I reach quotas for the purpose of quality  ...     
           and not just quantity?
    Did I post a blog because I wanted to express  
    Did I complete the report to document properly?
    Did I care for my family with LOVE 
            and HAPPINESS?

If we do not take time to stop... and THINK... 
we might be doing things "Just because..." (is this Basta lang!)
And get drained in the process! 

We want to do things right... all the time!
We want to do things well (actually, VERY WELL!)!
We want to do things because we enjoy doing it!
We want to do things because we are a PART of theWHOLE!... and we are needed.

....  it is in QUALITY not quantity!

Most of all,
We want to do things for the greater good of others
We want to do things for the greater glory of GOD!

Let us give ourselves time to STOP and THINK...
to find our purpose in life...
to be happy while trying to achieve our purpose! 

Filipinas R.

From Wikipedia: The Thinker (Le Penseur in French) is a bronze sculpture on marble pedestal by Auguste Rodin, whose first cast, of 1902, is now in the Musée Rodin in Paris; there are about 28 original castings, as well as various other versions, studies, and posthumous castings. It depicts a man in sober meditation battling with a powerful internal struggle.[1] It is often used to represent philosophy.


Therese of Lisieux

Each of us is special. 

Let us look into ourselves,
       and see what is unique in us.
Think of all of the things we do best
       and other things we may not be so good at. 
It is this uniqueness that makes us important.
       I am I, you are you.

Our presence in this world 
       complements each other.
We do not need to be the same.
       In fact, your being different is what I need.
 Let us each harness on what we are good at.
      And we will find a very diverse, dynamic world!
                                                                 Pinay R.

Rose Garden in Paris, France