Saturday, August 11, 2012


What comes to our mind when we see squirrels?

When the squirrel comes into our lives it is often a message for us to have more fun, and take life a little less seriously. We can see this in the squirrel's daily antics in our yards and surroundings.

Other animal symbolism of squirrels deal with practicality. As the squirrel is commonly known to hide and save its food and return to it in the winter months - we take this as a sign in our own lives; a sign that it might be time to look into our own provisions. 

It's not commonly known that the squirrel only actually finds 10% of the nuts he hides for safekeeping. This is another message from the squirrel that we can also foolishly over-prepare. Here there is a lesson of balance to be considered.

This symbolically coincides with the old adage "what we sow is what we reap." What may seem like absent-mindedness is actually a strong message to us to be mindful of the metaphorical seeds we plant in our own lives as they we will surely reap the consequences.

The animal symbolism of squirrels addresses our ability to express ourselves in social settings. The squirrel reminds us to communicate effectively with others, and to honor those around us with our presence (rather than dishonor them with inappropriate or rude behavior).

Let us be like SQUIRRELS known for Energy, Play, Prudence, Balance, Socializing, Preparation, Resourcefulness!!!

Busch Gardens
Tampa, Florida


  1. hello ma'am pinay.
    i liked watching squirrels from afar but i never knew that squirrels hide their food. these days, i'm learning to be a lot more resourceful in terms of re-using my old stuff that are still in condition :D

  2. I just really think they are cute!!! I have a tendency to keep things which I would need for the future, but the dust has already taken over.