Saturday, August 11, 2012


We usually have so many choices on which path to take and we get confused.

Sometimes, though, we think and we feel that we are lost and we don't have the luxury of choice!

Many times, we feel the road may be too bumpy and wouldn't want to take the risk on passing that route.
Think of it this way, why not change our shoes to make the walk less difficult...
Be more prepared to reach a farther goal!

Or, the road is too smooth but there is nothing at the end.

Whatever path you decide to tread, always keep your senses active... open your mind... and your heart receptive! 

So that when the road is too steep or too rocky, you wouldn't stumble...
When there are forks to choose from, you can decide wisely...
And when the path is smooth and rosy, you can well enjoy the way!!!


  1. i cant help but remember what robert frost said,

    "...the woods are lovely, dark, and deep...
    but i have promises to keep.
    and miles to ge before i sleep...
    and miles to gobefore i sleep."