Saturday, August 11, 2012


Am I just tired?... or Am I lazy?

I asked one of my friends, if the reason he is sleepy is because he is tired... or is it because he is lazy!

It worries me to see him seem so slow ... and so ill-looking.

He answered he is not feeling well... and he eventually said he is also depressed.

We forced him to have a check-up and found out he is really sick and needed an operation!

So the question goes again:
Am I just tired?... or Am I lazy?

And the answer is None of the above!

We have to communicate with the people around us so they will not misinterpret illness and depression with laziness.

If we do not talk, people around us will continue to feel bad about our attitude, thinking you don't want to work when in fact, you are really suffering! You will lose respect in the process.

Why do we deny the presence of illness? 
Is it because we are really afraid to have a real dreaded disease... cancer for example?
True, fear is a natural emotion and reaction.
But, if we resort to denial, all the more the illness will worsen and we might not recover at all!

When we are at this stage, it helps to find someone to talk to.
This helps you gain a better perspective of things around you.
It is difficult to be misunderstood to be lazy, when actually you are sick and depressed!

Call a friend... express your sentiments... for all you know, the folks around you are actually sympathetic and sincerely helpful!!

And, when you are well again, you can gain back your own true self ...  with more vigor and enthusiasm ... and the will to live again with a purpose! 

Busch Gardens
Tampa, Florida  

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