Tuesday, February 18, 2014


My seventh LOVE YOUR BREASTS post is the Zamboanga City landmark...Mount Pulongbato, which they say is an intrusion type of volcano, forming a magma dome (on the readers left). 
Compared to the rest of the mountains in Zamboanga, Mount Pulongbato is made up of solid rock. 

The other mountain is Barangay Muruk in Pasonanca where runners and bikers now frequently go to for their adventure runs.

Did you have any idea that this was a volcano?

Have you thought of these things, too?
A healthy lifestyle decreases the risk of Breast Cancer!

CMZ Breast Wellness slogan for 2012-2013:
Have you been checked?

CMZ Breast Wellness slogan for 2014:
Love Your Breasts
Have Them Checked!

CMZ B.R.A. Campaign Project slogan:
Bra to Raise Awareness Campaign
The Awareness starts with us!

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