Tuesday, February 18, 2014


My friend, Irene, had an Ultrasound to see the life inside of her! Then, she gave me these pink "gummy hearts", so timely for the Valentine season!

I would like to share some trivia on the CMZ Breast Wellness Center. 

This program was proposed by Dr. Marissa Lim, breast advocate. She participated with an OCIL (Online Collaborative Interactive Learning) under Dr. Reynaldo Joson, presently, CMZ's consultant, mentor and friend. The Program was recommended by the CMZ Medical Director (2012-2014), Dr. Filipinas Rojo to the management team. Dr. Joven Monsanto as President of CMZ, in turn, presented the Program to the CMZ Board of Directors who approved of the program last February 2012. 

CMZ Breast Wellness slogan 2012-2013:
Have You Been Checked?

CMZ Breast Wellness slogan 2014:
Love Your Breasts
Have Them Checked!

CMZ B.R.A. Campaign slogan:
Bra to Raise Awareness Campaign
The Awareness starts with us!

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