Saturday, June 27, 2015


Ciudad Medical Zamboanga's second CMZ BRA ART created for the CMZ B.R.A. (Bra to Raise Awareness) Campaign Project is the the CMZ B.R.A. (Bra to Raise Awareness) VINTA!
Unveiling of the B.R.A. Vinta with City Councilor, Myra Paz Abubakar and the CMZ Execom... see the lighted CIUDAD BREAST at the background .

It was Fiesta Pilar as well as Breast Cancer Awareness month! It dawned to us, of course, there should be a B.R.A. Vinta as the vinta is considered as Zamboanga City's icon!

Thanks to Ms. Cristina Bolo who spearheaded the creation of the BRA Vinta together with the CMZ Maintenance Team and the CMZ Radiology Team, upon the instruction of the CMZ BRA Campaign Project Head, Dr. Filipinas Rojo!

This B.R.A. VINTA installation art was unveiled at the Paseo Del Mar during the CMZ BREAST WELLNESS FAIR last October 28, 2014 by City Councilor, Hon. Myra Paz Abubakar and the CMZ Execom, headed by Chairman Edwin To and President Joven Monsanto. The BRA Vinta stayed at the Paseo Del Mar from October 2014 to January 2015. Due to the open air at the Paseo Del Mar, the sail of the vinta is sometimes hit by the wind.

The B.R.A. Vinta was moved to the E-Media Productions Building at Divisoria, Zamboanga City from January 16, 2015 to June 30,  2015 just before the launching of the CMZ BRAngay Project which is an offshoot of the CMZ BRA Campaign Project in relation to the education part of the campaign!

Last March, the vinta colours are now darker
after a second coat of more vivid spray paint.

B.R.A. (Bra to Raise Awareness) Vinta of the CMZ BRA Campaign Project is now at the E-Media at Divisoria as it reaches out to the barangays. E-Media is one of our main partners and supporters for the CMZ BRAngay Project.

The B.R.A. Vinta marks the barangays in Zamboanga City and a symbol of our CMZ BRAngay project meaning BReast Awareness for Neighborhoods, Groups, Associations and the Youth.

Have you thought of these things, too?
A healthy lifestyle decreases the risk of Breast Cancer!

CMZ Breast Wellness slogan for 2012-2013:m
Have you been checked?

CMZ Breast Wellness slogan for 2014:
Love Your Breasts
Have Them Checked!

CMZ B.R.A. Campaign Project slogan:
Bra to Raise Awareness Campaign
The Awareness starts with us!

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