Friday, March 23, 2012


What does Pretty Hot mean?

It may literally mean, a pretty hot weather, where our sweat trickles down our face...

But here is the thesaurus equivalent for hot

I would wish I was this, but many might beg to disagree, so let us not force the issue!

Pretty Hot is just important to me because I really felt special when my fifteen-year old son gave this to me as "pasalubong" from HongKong, when he went on vacation with his cousins, who were in their mid twenties (first time abroad without parents!!!).

I was touched that he has grown to be a thoughtful person inspite of a very masculine aura... and with impeccable taste, too!

I guess I should thank his cousins for their excellent influence on him.

By the way, here is a bit about Pretty Hot Eau de Parfum!
Elizabeth Arden launches the new fragrance Pretty Hot in January 2011 as a sequel to the original Pretty perfume from 2009. Pretty Hot, as its predecessor, is signed by Givaudan perfumer Claude Dir, who was utterly inspired by Belle de Nuit, a flower that blooms and develops in hot summer nights under the moonlight. Its fiery petals and captivating aroma are embodied in this mystical, intense, hot and seductive fragrance. Pretty Hot is hypnotic, sexy and feminine just like tropical flowers, juicy red fruits and exotic spices.
The composition opens with red currant, fresh mandarin, blood orange, red apple and freesia. Queen of the night dominates perfume’s heart, followed by peony, pimento blossom and Petalia and Georgywood (cedar and amber) molecules. Long-lasting power and intensity is provided by the base made of amber, white patchouli, tonka bean, sandalwood and musky Cosmone molecule.
The perfume bottle is of the same shape as the Pretty one, painted in fiery pomegranate color with a flat flower – shaped stopper at the top. The box is the same color as the bottle, adorned with attractive floral pattern. Elizabeth ArdenPretty Hot is available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

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  1. What a thoughtful son! I hope my son will grow to be thoughtful and generous too =)

  2. Aww,such a sweet son! And he knows how to please mommy ha?