Tuesday, July 5, 2016


An interesting challenge is going around in Facebook and it goes this way....

"I love my Spouse" Challenge️Day 1...... I was challenged by my friend, Winnie Dela Rosa to post a photo with my loving husband for 7 days and tag 2 friends each day to continue the celebration of love, marriage and happiness! I challenge my friends... to do the same."

So I will post photos on the next seven blogposts to share photos that I prepared for the challenge!
I am starting with our wedding photos.

I wanted to go further backward with photos during Med school days, but I don't have any at hand. Of course, photos were not digitized then. 

But, it seems I still really have too many photos, though, that I want to share them in collage form.

It is only now that I am sharing a few of my wedding pictures.

As they say, this challenge is intended to propagate love, marriage and happiness!!!

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