Thursday, January 23, 2014


Today, January 23, 2014, I got my new iPad and I am now trying out things and hope that this iPad Air would have so much more to offer than my iPad 2. 

When I chose to get it, I saw that it now supports Pages (like Word) and Keynote (like Power Point) and I felt this would help me more than just the usual browsing... But I still have to test it. The apps are still being downloaded at this moment.

And since it has a Retina Display, I am hoping that I would be able to check out our PACS system and view my X-Ray and CT and MRI images well... But I have to try that out too!

But what surprised me most... And I am super happy about it is that I can now blog using the iPad Air! Wow!!! I know I couldn't do it with the iPad 2!

I now know I definitely have no regrets getting this!

I can now blog away even if I have little time...I know I can sneak in some stories while waiting in airports or in other queues or just before I sleep...

We will see...

Mmmm... I am looking forward to maximizing its use!!!

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