Thursday, February 7, 2013


I am quite sad these days because two of my nephews are caught in separate compromising situations, but not necessarily through faults of their own. You may say they are considered responsible because of their connections or as "Captain of the Ship"!
Graffiti in Paris

I wonder why these things happen?

I feel it really would happen... my nephew wasn't around... the veteran in-charge left the city with him... the newbies took their place... then, it happened! 

Problems arise when media takes the cue... and politicians use it for their own advantage!

Why do these things happen?
Could something good come out of this?

One... compromising situations humble a person.
Whether guilty or not guilty, this is a humbling experience. We find out how vulnerable we are in this world! 

Second,  situations like this remind us to stay on the right path.
Never deviate from this path, so others may not find any reason to complain against us.
This emphasizes to us that we have to stay upright... so those who are jealous... or those who want to extort from us... or those who want to take advantage of the situation by using us... will not succeed!

Third, we will find out who are the people who really care. But on our part, we also have to show our sincerity.
Usually, it is still our family who will support us at the most difficult times. Think about it... have we been appreciative of the people around us? Maybe, this incident is a wake-up call...

Just like graffiti, our mind will be confused and appear disorganized.


Let us open our minds to the realities of life.
Let us open our hearts to people who matter the most.
Let us open our eyes to all the lessons we should learn... 

So that there would be a positive end to such a negative beginning!!!


  1. Hope things turn out well for your nephews.

  2. This happen for a reason.. I hope things will turn good to your nephew....

  3. I believe that prayers do help us a lot. And everything happens for a reason. So just be strong and trust God. Everything will be okay.

    Mommy Maye

  4. I hope that everything will be okay for your family. They family will always be here supporting you through this difficult time.

  5. Prayers, a positive disposition and the support of family will enable everyone to surpass a trying moment. Prayerfully, your nephews will evolve to be better beings :D

  6. It does happen a lot of times. I hope your nephews are okay, And does it have something to do with politics ?