Sunday, January 13, 2013


Take some time to be silent and repeat the sound of God as an inner mantra. Meditation allows you to make conscious contact with your Source and achieve success in every area. If a problem arises, then go within, get very quiet about it and find the answers inside of you

Wayne Dyer 1940

back view of The Thinker as we passed by the
Musee Rodin In Paris by bus!

Daily, we are overwhelmed by the continuous activities of life...
     the time we have to beat...
     the chores we have to perform...
     the exams we have to take...
     the requirements we have to fulfill...
     the quotas we have to reach...
     the blogs we have to post...
     the reports we have to complete...
     the family we have to care for!

So much work... so much to study...
so much to accomplish!

In our life, we should also take time to STOP and THINK...
    Did I beat time so I would be prepared?
    Did I perform the chores with the purpose
          in mind? ... And did I enjoy it?
    Did I take exams because I wanted to level up?
    Did I fulfill the requirements to be complete?
    Did I reach quotas for the purpose of quality  ...     
           and not just quantity?
    Did I post a blog because I wanted to express  
    Did I complete the report to document properly?
    Did I care for my family with LOVE 
            and HAPPINESS?

If we do not take time to stop... and THINK... 
we might be doing things "Just because..." (is this Basta lang!)
And get drained in the process! 

We want to do things right... all the time!
We want to do things well (actually, VERY WELL!)!
We want to do things because we enjoy doing it!
We want to do things because we are a PART of theWHOLE!... and we are needed.

....  it is in QUALITY not quantity!

Most of all,
We want to do things for the greater good of others
We want to do things for the greater glory of GOD!

Let us give ourselves time to STOP and THINK...
to find our purpose in life...
to be happy while trying to achieve our purpose! 

Filipinas R.

From Wikipedia: The Thinker (Le Penseur in French) is a bronze sculpture on marble pedestal by Auguste Rodin, whose first cast, of 1902, is now in the Musée Rodin in Paris; there are about 28 original castings, as well as various other versions, studies, and posthumous castings. It depicts a man in sober meditation battling with a powerful internal struggle.[1] It is often used to represent philosophy.


  1. Nice shot of the thinker. Better if you got the front or at least side view. However, taking such photo while on the bus is nice one.

  2. The Thinker statue is quite magical and full of meaning. Aside from being used for some sort of philosophy, I think it can represent a lot of definition too.

  3. I love that statue and the creative, soothing words you shared... beautiful TY! :-)
    Eliz bc blogger

  4. Thank you for sharing this. This is exactly why in life, we sometimes need to stop and think, a moment of silence so we can reflect on things, and not be overwhelmed by life

  5. Inspiring. I should not forget this. :)

  6. This is something I need to be reminded of. Life has been so busy that I've been going about like a robot automatically finishing all tasks without thought. I promise myself to set aside a few minutes each day to stop and think. Thanks for sharing this post!

  7. did i read it right? Paris? i am so green with envy.

  8. Is that why you've been gone for a while because you went to Paris? WOW! Looking forward fro more photos.

  9. Wow, awesome...
    Paris, is one of the countries i wish to visit!

  10. The Thinker in my own perception does not only pose knowledge but deeply shows the attitude to stop and appreciate the good things in life.

  11. Hindi ko maalala kung nakita ko ba si The Thinker all those years ago when I was sent to Paris as a youth representative for a meeting. Kaya nga I would love to visit it again. Hay. Thanks to your photos Doctora, nakakapasyal na rin kami :)

  12. Have you been in Paris? Looking forward for more photos from Paris..hehehehe