Saturday, July 14, 2012


Envy is one of the most potent cause of unhappiness.
And why not?!?
Instead of focusing on your own self-worth, we focus on what others have which we do not possess!

Isn't that sad?...
And... it is even more depressing when one wants to inflict pain because of envy!

I thought envy was just similar to jealousy but in Wikipedia, I found out that they were distinct to each other. Plus, another word Schadenfreude which also has a related meaning. 
Oops! Don't be impressed. I just also read the word Schadenfreude for the first time!
"Envy" and "jealousy" are often used interchangeably, but in standard usage they stand for two distinctly different emotions. Jealousy is the result or fear of losing someone or something that one is attached to or possesses to another person (the transfer of a lover's affections in the typical form), while envy is the resentment caused by another person having something that one does not have, but desires for oneself. In its simplest form, then, envy involves two people, and jealousy three people, but of course it is possible to be envious of more than one individual at any given time. Envy may involve wanting the beauty, wealth, abilities or socioeconomic status of another individual or group. Jealousy relates to that which I hold dear and wish to conserve; envy to that thing which I desire for myself, or would wish to deny my rival. "Schadenfreude" means taking pleasure in the misfortune of others, and so might be considered an outgrowth of envy in certain situations.

Let us stay away from this deadly sin which harnesses more negative emotions such as anger and resentment!

When a person succeeds or gets more attention, there is a tendency for jealousy among his/her peers. (Nasuya ba sila?)

Instead of making negative comments about the person, why not improve yourself and level up! 
Think about your own good qualities and develop them!! You will realize each of us have our own special talents which may just be undiscovered or just left in hibernation ...
BUT, if the emotion is becoming destructive, ask help (professional help is advised)!!!

Unfortunately, this takes others to recognize it!
DENIAL or NON-REALIZATION is the usual way... so how can we fix this up, if we don't realize we are already feeling this!!!

Look into yourself!
Learn to love yourself (of course, not to the point of narcissism!).
Learn to be satisfied!

Listen to your friends!
And I am sure a real friend could help a lot for you to get in touch with the real meaning of life and contentment!!!

Busch Gardens, Tampa, Florida


  1. pak!!! super duper tumpak! :-) hehehe aalay ako ng itlog doc para malightbulb moment ng thought nito ang maraming tao... :D hehe

    schadenfreude! happiness at the misfortune of others... :D napapakanta ako haha! namiss ko tuloy Avenue Q!!! i hope i can catch a play, khit small prod lang pagpunta ko ng manila... :D

  2. Yahhh! Sana nga maraming ma-lightbulb moment nito!! Mostly, hindi nila na-recognize na ginagawa or na-feel na nila!!!

  3. Yes, envy is one of the roots of evil. This can destroy your own happiness.