Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My first snow!
I remember in College we were told to watch Nora Aunor's movie "Minsan Isang Gamu-gamu".  (This is showing AGE !!!) This was about people wanting to go to the US and the consul asked Nora why she wanted to go to the US, and she answered, "I want to see i-snow".

Why is it that many Filipinos really dream of going to the US? They say it is "Colonial mentality"...still very evident in our society. However, I don't intend to dig deep into this.

I never really dreamed of living in the United States.
But, I did want to see SNOW.
Why not?
Even our Christmas songs sing "White Christmas" and dashing through the snow!
Somehow, I thought it is enough for me to experience the US and that would be fine for me!

Indeed, living in the US for nine months was a learning experience for me, aside from the hospital rotations I had.
I learned how to do domestic chores - cook, wash, iron, clean the house. (We were not used to this!)
I learned how to budget and live within our means, and look for discounts at supermarts and craft stores.
I was exposed to dealing with different races.
We actually had a great time even if it was for continuing education, it seemed like a GRAND VACATION!
The folks we were with, were very helpful and gracious.

Life in the US was good.
But, life in the Philippines is better... for me!

I loved the snow, but so timely when we left because they had the worst blizzard in the decade!

So much for SNOW
... fresh snow is pristine white and amazing!
... muddy snow is no longer appealing!!
... too much snow is hazardous!!!

There are good things and nice things... and also difficulties, even in places we look up to.

There are also things meant for us.
So, if it is not for us, let us not force the issue.
We get lost in our dream to leave for the US and no longer see what may be beautiful here. 

Wherever we are in this world, let us appreciate the beauty and value of our country and our own little city or town and appreciate the here and now!
AND...May we be instruments to make tomorrows worth living!!!

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